About Cale

CaseCS25Cale Case is the incumbent Republican Senator running for re-election in Wyoming’s Senate District 25 in Fremont County. He represents much of Fremont County and the Wind River Indian Reservation. He was first elected to the Wyoming House of Representatives in 1992 and currently serves as Chairman of the Senate Corporations Committee, the Select Committee on Tribal Relations, and the Select Committee on Legislative Technology and Process. Cale is also a member of the Senate Revenue Committee, the Task Force on Digital Information Privacy, and former Chairman of the Wyoming Telecommunications Council.

Cale earned his doctorate in Resource Economics from the University of Wyoming. He is President of Case and Company, an economic consulting firm specializing in public utility, energy, regulatory and resource economics. He has served as industry and regulatory advisor to municipal, state and national governments, local and long distance telephone companies, electric utilities, and other private firms.

Cale loves Lander and lives in the same home where he grew up as a boy. He has one son George who is named for Cale’s father and brother. Cale is active in the Lander Community. He has a special passion to help people with disabilities and has been a champion for the Wyoming Life Resource Center. He loves the outdoors and wants to make sure that our young people can enjoy Wyoming’s great unspoiled outside.

The area outlined in dark brown represents Senate District 25.

The center area in brown represents Senate District 25.

Cale is a constitutionally minded, liberty loving Senator who is humbled by the support of the people of Fremont County. He is a fiscal conservative with the record to prove it and he works to make sure that government protects the rights and privacy of its citizens. He has consistently received the highest ratings from the Wyoming Liberty Index and the National Rifle Association. Cale has a solid reputation as a fair and thorough Chairman. He has been the successful prime sponsor of 39 pieces of legislation. He is proud of his ability to bring folks together from all sides of the political spectrum and is especially proud and humbled to represent the people of the Wind River Indian Reservation, the communities of Lander, Hudson, Atlantic City, South Pass, part of Riverton and all persons in between.

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